Session 1

Character creation. Dave rolled a fighter (tank), Joel a Cleric (heal specced), Scott a rogue, and Ken an Evoker wizard.

After character creation, the first game was a brief intro session to meet some Tuornen NPCs (Tyler and the Grand Mage of Tuornen), and a quest to find the will of the late Regent of Alamie, Darryl Alam, to give Tuornen leverage in their negotiations with Alamie. The late regent left his will and regency as part of a riddle to be solved amongst the other neighboring countries of Tuornen, Mhoried, Ghoere, and Avanil (though their delegation never arrived).

The last group of Tuornen adventurers disappeared after tracing the riddle to a small town in north Alamie. A long dead wet nurse, Mrs Heathrow, had a mysterious past and seemed very out of place. After speaking with some townsfolk, the PCs discovered the grave of Mrs Heathrow and found out it was protected by some powerful enchantments. It also had an ensorcelled headstone that appeared to serve as some type of teleporter. The wizard activated the tombstone, and then….

Session 1 ended.


I like the part at the end where the wizard made a stupid.

Session 1

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