Session 3

The mystery of Robertsville was solved with a little detective work, some ingenuity, outright threats, accusations of incompetence, and bloodthirsty combat. The werewolves were tracked down, the town doctor revealed to be incompetent, and one of the village residents an outcast noble.

Once the key was found (in the Smith’s residence), the travelers departed back to Haas for refit and some healing (the rogue decided to get bitten by the werewolf),and then left for Riverport, losing some would be bandits in the trails.

In Riverport, there was a goblin-infested cave in the marsh where the rogue’s lack of trapfinding lead the wizard to bring a trap…and manifest the blooded ability Divine Wrath. The chest was found in a dark room filled with 2 dark creepers, who were successfully kited out into the daylight and dispatched with great prejudice.

Upon reading the scroll in the chest, the party was affected by a Geas spell, demanding that the chest be delivered to the Sword Mage in Lofton. Much haste was made to Lofton, including the use of the blood ability of Teleportation by 2 different party members to arrive in Lofton.

Once in Lofton, the party was escorted to the castle’s library, where another fight erupted between the party and 3 would be thieves. The thieves were dispatched, and the chest delivered to the Sword Mage, who announced the Captain of the Guard being elevated to Regent of Alamie.

Back in Haas, Tyler Null delivered the reward to the party of a gold bar each, and some favors pulled for the “hazard pay” of the mission. Tyler hinted at a more lucrative job coming their way, but the party earned a break. Tuornen was successful in returning the will, earned a 100 year peace treaty with Alamie, and life, for the moment, was good.


I like the part where the fighter ran like a little girl from the puny wizard.

Session 3

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