Session 4

Session 4 began with the party being summoned early by Tyler Null to discuss an urgent mission. Apparently, a half-elf girl – touched by the Shadow World – made her way to the care of Aeric Tarm and Tyler Null. Her very existence caused her pain, prevented conjuration magics, and could cause hellacious weather changes. After Tyler explained the perils she posed, he offered a generous pay package to escort the girl to Cariele, to a monastery in the mountains dedicated to Haelyn that was willing to take her in and help her harness her powers.

While in Cariele, Tyler also had a mission involving an infested mine in the area. The party was given instructions to search out the mine foreman and to assist in clearing out the mine in return for either 1,000 gold a month for 12 months, or 10,000 gold upfront. The party was to decide upon reaching the mine what payout option they wished to receive.

The trip to Cariele was uneventful until passing through a ruined, ghost-infected town. A massive storm was brewing, thought to be the work of the mysterious half-elf child. After trudging through the storm, shelter was found in a slightly dilapidated mansion. A gregarious man welcomed us in, and his family prepared a wonderful meal. However, upon nightfall, the mood shifted. The family and their dogs all become ravenous undead, and a ghostly spectre captured the young girl. The old man, revealing himself to be a mage that dabbled in arts that are best left unknown, told us the tale of his endeavors to rediscover ancient magics and the resulting mishap that split his soul in half and cast his mansion to the limbo between the Shadow World and Cerilia.

The old mage lead us to his tower entrance, and the ghostly remnant of the man’s soul – containing all his evil and darkness – was slain by the cleric and the wizard. The rogue and the wizard then disabled and broke the magical device of ancient Andu creation, pocketing a few pieces of interest, before the half-elven child had an episode and caused the mansion to erupt into flames!

The party made a mad dash to leave the mansion – stopping to defeat animated furnishings, evil plants, a multitude of traps, and pilfering any objects of value – and exited the mansion as it finally burned to the ground. The old man was dragged from his mansion, where he began rapidly aging, and the party watched as the storm disapated and the mansion’s connection to the Shadow Realm was destroyed by its destruction. The party rested for the day, and woke up to the crumbled remains of the old man and a beautiful sunshiny day.

Upon arriving in Cariele, the girl was turned over to the monastery and the party received their payment. One of the trinkets liberated from the mansion had some odd properties that the monks discovered, crafting the shards of the item into a pair of daggers, a longsword, and a pendant. The party left the monastery, allowing the monks time to finish their creations, and went to the mine, to slay some infestations and collect another bounty.


I like the part where the cleric killed everything.

Session 4

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