Session 5

The party was dispatched to a local silver mine, escorting a goblin diplomat of all creatures, back to his clan’s former residence in a mine. The goblin tribe was forcibly evicted by a tribe of orogs, later known to be led by the Saffron Devil – a mage with delusions of grandeur. After dispatching the orogs, we learned they were mining a special and rare material known to be used in making Menhir stones for teleportation magics. Enough material for 30 stones were taken by the Saffron Devil, with enough material to make 6 more. This information was relayed to Tyler, and our promised payment of 10,000 gold was delivered to us. A good time was had by all…before Tyler had a strange mission for the party.

Tyler had a special proposition for the party: compete in a series of tournaments held in Ghoere for national pride and glory…and spy on the scuttlebutt. Apparently, war is being fanned by some nefarious parties, and the nations of Anuire were agitating towards a war. We were dispatched to gather intel…and win tournaments for our own pride and pocket. One the way, we strolled into a town, and in our quest for information, picked up Steve the Squire, a rather terrible bard we found in a tavern, started a bar fight, stole some cheap liquor, and Mongo broke up a alley fight by killing both combatants…with his fist.

There were 4 events. The Joust, which Mongo managed to barely win. An Arcane Tournament that Nero seemingly won. A Test of Faith, which Odysseus seemed to have won. And a Grand Melee, which ended excessively strange. Abyssal chanting brought forth a horde of easily dispatched flaming skeletons, one of the contestants utterly massacred a score of them single handedly – which brought forth some questions – and a blood trail lead to a local crypt.


I like the part where mongo slayed the innocent.

Session 5

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