Session 6

The chase from the tournament ended with a trapped crypt, a fight with ghouls and a mummy, and chasing the sapphron devil through caves before he used abyssal tongues and a powerful blood ability of Azrai. The rogue and fighter were both diseased but it was quickly cured.

The next day the party went carousing, looking for information on the warmongers and looking to replace the party’s herald. During the the awards ceremony a massive storm came in that caused panic. It was later proven to be illusionary but the party tool the opportunity to loot before leaving…and recruiting the young page as a new herald. Who Mongo promptly used as a battering ram to get into a high end shop, where a particular treasure was found.

The sword mage then appeared to claim part of the treasure while the party divided the loot. Mongo acquired a sentient sword housing the spirit of a slain paladin. Nero obtained a scarab and Odysseus a magical trident. The party split the gold for 2000 a piece.

Tyler showed his side of the green knight story and gave promise of a new job on diemed on a weeks time


I wasn’t impressed..

Session 6

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