Session 7

Along with a new recruit, the party left for Aerile in Diemed, staying ahead of a moving shipment of medicine for a non-lethal but virulent plague. A brief stopover in the City of Anuire led to an altercation with some…draconic creatures…on the way to the docs.

Upon arrival in Diemed, we quickly learned that nothing is what it seemed. The nobles were very…noble-centric. The commoners were very much agitated…and the medicine was fake. A rogue ship’s first mate switched out the medicine for rocks and poison. The Saffron Devil either was there or had a wizard underling, as the party faced off with a swarm of a wererat, archers, a wizard, and a corpulent filth ridden “mastermind” intent on spreading misery in Diemed.

After thwarting the attempt, the party left back for Tuornen to have a long discussion with Tyler.


I hate that guy…

Session 7

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