Leyira Xiloscient

Female Half-Elf Rogue



STR: 12 DEX: 20 CON: 12 WIS: 15 CHA: 16

Speed: 30ft

HP: 19


AC: 18, 20 Within 10ft of wizard in the presence of evil

Fort: 1 Reflex: 8 Will: 2

BAB: 1 CMB: 2 CMD: 16

Blood Score 16

Minor Blood Ability: Heightened Ability: +2 to DEX, Detect Illusion: Disbelief save vs. Illusion

Major Blood Ability: Character Reading: +6 to sense motive after speaking with person for 1 min, Divine Aura: +2 to CHA based checks

Greater Blood Ability: Travel (Road): 1x per week and 1 companion per lvl instantly travel anywhere along a contiguous road.

Rouge Finesse: use DEX instead of STR for attack Evasion: Two Weapon Fighting:

Special Abilities Low Light Vision Skill Focus Immunity (Magic Sleep):+2 sav vs ench Perceptive: +2 Bonus on Perception checks Multi Talented: 2 favored classes +1 HP or +1 SP per lvl Languages: Anuerian, Elven, Brecht, Rijurik, Vossari. Sneak Attack: +1D6 damage Trapfinding Charming: +2 on Diplomacy and Bluff checks +1 sav vs language dependant spells you cast on charaters or creatures

Gear: Std Adv Kit 2 1d4 daggers Studded leather armor 2 pot cure light MW instrument Disguise Kit MW thieves tools 1 Antitoxin

GP 2259 SP 95


Leyira Xiloscient

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