Session 1

Character creation. Dave rolled a fighter (tank), Joel a Cleric (heal specced), Scott a rogue, and Ken an Evoker wizard.

After character creation, the first game was a brief intro session to meet some Tuornen NPCs (Tyler and the Grand Mage of Tuornen), and a quest to find the will of the late Regent of Alamie, Darryl Alam, to give Tuornen leverage in their negotiations with Alamie. The late regent left his will and regency as part of a riddle to be solved amongst the other neighboring countries of Tuornen, Mhoried, Ghoere, and Avanil (though their delegation never arrived).

The last group of Tuornen adventurers disappeared after tracing the riddle to a small town in north Alamie. A long dead wet nurse, Mrs Heathrow, had a mysterious past and seemed very out of place. After speaking with some townsfolk, the PCs discovered the grave of Mrs Heathrow and found out it was protected by some powerful enchantments. It also had an ensorcelled headstone that appeared to serve as some type of teleporter. The wizard activated the tombstone, and then….

Session 1 ended.

Session 2
Regent Riddles, Ver. 2

As soon as the wizard touched a headstone, the rogue and cleric noticed a faint door-like outline in the ground. Then the party fell. Luckily, they landed in a pool of water to cushion their long fall. As they swam their way up the steps leading out of the pool, the room ahead flared to life, blinding the rogue and wizard momentarily. A woman stood in the room, which the rogue had determined to be empty only moments before. A pile of corpses littered the southwest corner of the room as well. She spoke with authority and demanded to know the reason for their intrusion. After answering that the group was looking for Darryl Alam’s Last Will and Testament, she announced that the group would now be subject to the Trials of Worth or Shame, consisting of 3 tests (commitment, valor, and wisdom). For the first test (commitment), they would be given until dawn to clear the dungeon of all hostile creatures that have crossed over from the Shadow World and to learn all that they could from the crypt. After saying this, she disappeared. Examining the corpses in the corner, the cleric determined that a powerful fireball ended their lives, while the rogue pulled a still intact coat of arms from Ghoere out of the pile. Determined to see this thru, the party pressed onward.

The first room presented them with three options, while the door behind them slammed shut and locked as soon as they entered. After looking around using a light spell cast on the fighter’s longsword, they deduced that the halls were magically crafted out of the stone, possibly using something as powerful as realm magic. The eastern door seemed to be the most inviting, and lead to a corridor. Keeping a keen eye out for traps, the rogue took the lead, with the fighter behind her, the wizard and cleric following behind. At the end of the hallway, an unseen trap was set off, igniting the rogue and fighter with a burning hands spell. In the chamber beyond, the walls themselves seemed to be dripping water. The floor slanted slightly downwards towards a pool of liquid in the middle of the room. Carefully moving into the room, the rogue noticed several piles of bones in the opposite corner. Approaching brought the piles of bones to life as multiple skeletons. A skirmish ensued, quickly ended by a burst of energy by the cleric. After patching up some wounds and finishing off the remaining undead, the group faced another decision: three other exits led out of the room, one to the west just north of the entrance the party came thru, and two to the south. After disarming a trap on the northwest exit and nearly breaking the stuck door down, the group proceeded down the hallway beyond to another door on their right (to the north). Peeking in the room, the group saw several zombies in a most unevenly built chamber (possibly an unfinished room). Returning to the hallway unnoticed, the group formulated a plan of attack. The fighter charged into the room…only to fall face first into a pit of spikes just five feet inside the door, also alerting the zombies to their presence. The party finally managed to group up at the entrance, their backs to a wall, while they fought off the fast and plague zombies. The warrior actually successfully bullrushed two zombies into the spiked pit, slaying them.

By this point, the battles were beginning to take their toll, as the cleric was nearly out of healing. No exits apparent, the group returned to the wet room and proceed out the southeast door, after budging open the stuck southwest door and seeing another hallway. The southeast door lead down a hallway, which nearly halfway down, the rogue noticed an unusual pattern in the eastern wall. Examining it closely, she saw it was a false wall, but no opening mechanism was apparent. The wizard examined it magically and determined it was arcanely locked by a much more powerful wizard. The group marked the location, but proceeded down the hallway. Another door to the south led the group to a long hallway leading west. The hallway had a door to the left near where the group entered and a door at the far end of the hallway. After unlocking the left door, the group proceeded down a corridor that turned right. The wizard and cleric remained in the back, unimpressed with the rogue’s ability to see traps thus far. It turned out to be the right decision, as an electricity trap on the door went unseen until Mongo (as the fighter is now affectionately known) opened it. It zapped all but the cleric in it’s path down the corridor. The room beyond was totally empty, save for a small paint on the far wall displaying “4/4”. The wizard quickly surmised that there were probably 3 other rooms, and that all would need to be found. With the cleric already low on healing, the group was not very optimistic. Going back to the long hallway, they proceeded to the end and opened the door. The chamber beyond was filled with roots of trees from above…and the groaning of zombies as well. The rogue attempted to sneak around a pile of roots, only to meet a zombie head on. A lucky claw laid the rogue low, while the remaining group barricaded themselves near the entrance way and defeated the group. After bringing the rogue back around, the cleric had exhausted all healing but his rebuke death spells for the day. The root room had only one other exit, leading west. The corridor beyond the door led north, but opened into another corridor leading west halfway down, and both of these corridors ended in doors. The rogue spied a trap in the western corridor, but when she attempted to disarm it, it went off, once again knocking the already seriously hurt rogue unconscious. Casting a rebuke death actually brought the rogue back to consciousness in better shape than she had been in before setting off the trap.

At this point the cleric took the lead, as the fighter was seriously injured in the fight with the zombies. Opening the western door lead into a large room, filled with webs. Using a torch and a mage hand spell, the wizard set the room to blazing. Within minutes, the webs around the room had burned down to ashes. The cleric conjured some water to put out the door to the south that the group spied just inside the chamber. While examining the room from the doorway, the rogue spied a trap near the middle of the room, while the cleric and wizard noticed puddles of goo near the northeast corner. Again using Mage Hand, the wizard moved his dagger to the pools and stuck it in, as to extract some of the material. Upon sliding out, the dagger was clean, and the magic users began to realize they were dimensional. The group hurried thru the door to the south, and shut it behind them. The corridor beyond opened into a brightly lit room to the right (west). Torches lined the walls and several unused lay on the floor, along with several sunrods. The far wall had a painting of a candle flame with “2/4” marked on it. Mongo noticed something else in the piles of torches of sunrods and pointed it out to the group. A wand had apparently been buried in the pile. After examining it and finding it to be a divine conjuration wand, the cleric attempted to use it. He found it to be a fully charged wand of cure light wounds. Using it, he restored the group to full health, and renewed their optimism. The group formed a plan to run across the room beyond to a corridor they had seen leading to the north. Their hope was to avoid any fighting beyond. Once they opened the door, they found three skeletons surrounding a well armed skeletal champion. Greed got the best of them, and they decided to attack. A quick battle ensued, ending with the thief using the wizard’s quarterstaff, the cleric slaying one skeleton with the wand he just found, and unbelievably, slaying the champion as he attempted to disarm the cleric and take his mace, after his own longsword was disarmed and mage handed across the room. After spending some time exchanging equipment, the group proceeded down the northern corridor, which ended in a door. After unlocking the door (and finding no traps), the group proceeded onward. This corridor had a T intersection halfway down (which ended in a door to the south) and turned left at the end (north). The rogue peeked around the corner at the end. She found a small chamber beyond with several corpses on the floor and a painting on the far wall. The group entered the room and found a painting of a man with “1/4”, and while searching the corpses, the thief came across a journal. It was the account of the last group from Tuornen, from their previous mission with Tyler to their current mission. The cleric examined the bodies and found multiple stab wounds that did not appear to be consistent with any type of weapon he could think of, but did notice that most of the wounds appear to have frozen instantly as they were made. Backing out of the room, the party headed thru the south door. A trap lay just on the other side, but the thief deftly disarmed it and the group headed down the corridor to the east beyond, and thru the door at the end…which lead back to the initial chamber.

Remembering that they had skipped a room, the band went back to the wet room and proceeded thru the southwest door. The tunnel beyond was twice as wide as the other hallways they had been in, but Leyira and Mongo both noticed that the floor very slowly raised upwards, while the ceiling remained level. The corridor looped back on itself several times, and twice the rogue stopped to disarm traps along the way. The last section was a mere 3 feet tall, and at the top, the group spied a painting. Creeping closer, the thief saw it was a river painting with “3/4” on it. At this, a faint rumbling noise could be heard from back down the corridor. Hurrying back to the false wall after making a small detour at another door they had not opened (which turned out to be the southern door of the initial chamber, leading thru a corridor they had already explored), they found the wall moved aside and a new door leading to the east. After the group entered the room, the door slammed shut behind them and locked audibly.

The new chamber was very large, and a small staircase spiraled upwards from the northeast corner. On the bottom step, the woman from the entrance stood. Next to her on the floor stood an ice golem. After congratulating the group on passing the first test, she initiated the second test (valor) and sent the golem after them. While she stood on the step and commanded the golem, the group lit torches to attack with fire. The rogue was quickly knocked unconscious by a slam from the golem. The wizard ran to a bookcase in the corner to find some help. First, he found a scroll with comprehend languages, detect secret doors, and 3 magic missile spells. A few seconds later, he found a scroll with burning hands and shocking grasp. Mongo and the golem exchanged several hits, while the cleric utilized the wand to keep Mongo alive. The wizard quickly came over and used the burning hands to damage to golem. When he attempted to defensively cast shocking grasp, the spell fizzled. With Mongo and Nero batting the golem with torches and the cleric healing Mongo, the tide turned on the battle and finally, they breached the magic that held the golem together. It exploded in a tremendous blast of ice and magic, knocking all but the cleric unconscious, and he only barely standing. After reviving the party, the woman on the steps congratulated the group, and commenced the third trial by asking three riddles: “What goes on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?” “Give me food and I will live. Give me water and I will die. What am I?” “What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?” The party successfully answered the riddles using the paintings they had found: “Man”, “Fire”, and “A river”. After announcing that the party had succeeded at their trial, she invited the group upstairs for food, drinks, and a fire.

After resting a bit and eating/drinking a bit, they began to ask questions of her. She replied that she would answer their questions and assist them further in their quest if they could answer one more riddle of her own. After relenting, she asked “What does man love more than life, Fear more than death or mortal strife, What the poor have, the rich require, and what contented men desire, What the miser spends and the spendthrift saves, And all men carry to their graves?” The group pondered this for several minutes, before the wizard answered correctly with a burst of insight: “Nothing”. She smiled and introduced herself as Nell Turly. She gave the group two maps: one with a key at the top leading to a small town in central Alamie, the other with a chest at the top leading to River Marsh in southeast Alamie. As for her own assistance, she produced a masterwork dagger made of alchemical silver and a ring of jumping. Also, she gave the group all the gold that had been gathered of the groups that preceded them. The group from Tuornen had made it to the ice golem before being defeated and killed. The group from Ghoere did not honestly announce their intent when they arrived, so she promptly slew them. She invited the party to stay as long as they like, but she would be returning to her master (whom she refused to name).

After resting for a couple of days, the group left for the province of Alaroine to follow the map with the key on it. After stopping in the trade city of Aloroine for supplies and information about where they were going to, they found some information about Robertsville, where they were headed. The town is small, and they were told by several people not to be there at night. People are usually escorted out of town before nightfall and those that are not are not usually seen again. Also, no silver of any type seems to be present in Aloroine. The group is now confident they are going to find a town of lycanthropes. After resting comfortably for the night, the group heads east. They find the town extremely tiny, consisting of only four families and their homesteads. A fifth homestead stands abandoned. After seeing a little one spying on the group, the rogue hails him and seeks to gather some information about the town. The child seems very apprehensive and only instructs the group to meet with the town elder in the middle building of town before he runs off. Livestock roams the fields near the homesteads, as do chicken coops and pig pens. After knocking on the door in the house in the middle of town, the group is greeted to the sight of a middle aged man. He is quite gruff, at first mistaking the group for bandits. Not until the mentioning of the key (and of Nell Turly) is the group invited inside for more discrete conversation. He tells them to stable their horses at the stable across the way in the middle of town. After waiting for Mongo to return (and for Nero to go get him and bring him back since he’s in the stable taking a drink break), the group proceeds inside and questions the man. During the questioning, they notice a scar on the side of his neck, just below his right ear. He says it was from a wolf, some twenty years ago. He admits to knowing about the key and having more information, but needs the group’s help before he will share it. Livestock has come up missing from the fields at a rate of about one per week. The farmers don’t know what to make of it. They are decent trackers, but can find no trace of the animals. The Owens, the Johnsons, the Warrens, and the Roberts are the four families. The empty homestead belonged to the Smiths, but about two years ago, they left to live elsewhere, apparently unhappy with the small town. The party is free to question the other families and investigate the fields.

At this point, the session was called for time.

Session 3

The mystery of Robertsville was solved with a little detective work, some ingenuity, outright threats, accusations of incompetence, and bloodthirsty combat. The werewolves were tracked down, the town doctor revealed to be incompetent, and one of the village residents an outcast noble.

Once the key was found (in the Smith’s residence), the travelers departed back to Haas for refit and some healing (the rogue decided to get bitten by the werewolf),and then left for Riverport, losing some would be bandits in the trails.

In Riverport, there was a goblin-infested cave in the marsh where the rogue’s lack of trapfinding lead the wizard to bring a trap…and manifest the blooded ability Divine Wrath. The chest was found in a dark room filled with 2 dark creepers, who were successfully kited out into the daylight and dispatched with great prejudice.

Upon reading the scroll in the chest, the party was affected by a Geas spell, demanding that the chest be delivered to the Sword Mage in Lofton. Much haste was made to Lofton, including the use of the blood ability of Teleportation by 2 different party members to arrive in Lofton.

Once in Lofton, the party was escorted to the castle’s library, where another fight erupted between the party and 3 would be thieves. The thieves were dispatched, and the chest delivered to the Sword Mage, who announced the Captain of the Guard being elevated to Regent of Alamie.

Back in Haas, Tyler Null delivered the reward to the party of a gold bar each, and some favors pulled for the “hazard pay” of the mission. Tyler hinted at a more lucrative job coming their way, but the party earned a break. Tuornen was successful in returning the will, earned a 100 year peace treaty with Alamie, and life, for the moment, was good.

Session 4

Session 4 began with the party being summoned early by Tyler Null to discuss an urgent mission. Apparently, a half-elf girl – touched by the Shadow World – made her way to the care of Aeric Tarm and Tyler Null. Her very existence caused her pain, prevented conjuration magics, and could cause hellacious weather changes. After Tyler explained the perils she posed, he offered a generous pay package to escort the girl to Cariele, to a monastery in the mountains dedicated to Haelyn that was willing to take her in and help her harness her powers.

While in Cariele, Tyler also had a mission involving an infested mine in the area. The party was given instructions to search out the mine foreman and to assist in clearing out the mine in return for either 1,000 gold a month for 12 months, or 10,000 gold upfront. The party was to decide upon reaching the mine what payout option they wished to receive.

The trip to Cariele was uneventful until passing through a ruined, ghost-infected town. A massive storm was brewing, thought to be the work of the mysterious half-elf child. After trudging through the storm, shelter was found in a slightly dilapidated mansion. A gregarious man welcomed us in, and his family prepared a wonderful meal. However, upon nightfall, the mood shifted. The family and their dogs all become ravenous undead, and a ghostly spectre captured the young girl. The old man, revealing himself to be a mage that dabbled in arts that are best left unknown, told us the tale of his endeavors to rediscover ancient magics and the resulting mishap that split his soul in half and cast his mansion to the limbo between the Shadow World and Cerilia.

The old mage lead us to his tower entrance, and the ghostly remnant of the man’s soul – containing all his evil and darkness – was slain by the cleric and the wizard. The rogue and the wizard then disabled and broke the magical device of ancient Andu creation, pocketing a few pieces of interest, before the half-elven child had an episode and caused the mansion to erupt into flames!

The party made a mad dash to leave the mansion – stopping to defeat animated furnishings, evil plants, a multitude of traps, and pilfering any objects of value – and exited the mansion as it finally burned to the ground. The old man was dragged from his mansion, where he began rapidly aging, and the party watched as the storm disapated and the mansion’s connection to the Shadow Realm was destroyed by its destruction. The party rested for the day, and woke up to the crumbled remains of the old man and a beautiful sunshiny day.

Upon arriving in Cariele, the girl was turned over to the monastery and the party received their payment. One of the trinkets liberated from the mansion had some odd properties that the monks discovered, crafting the shards of the item into a pair of daggers, a longsword, and a pendant. The party left the monastery, allowing the monks time to finish their creations, and went to the mine, to slay some infestations and collect another bounty.

Session 5

The party was dispatched to a local silver mine, escorting a goblin diplomat of all creatures, back to his clan’s former residence in a mine. The goblin tribe was forcibly evicted by a tribe of orogs, later known to be led by the Saffron Devil – a mage with delusions of grandeur. After dispatching the orogs, we learned they were mining a special and rare material known to be used in making Menhir stones for teleportation magics. Enough material for 30 stones were taken by the Saffron Devil, with enough material to make 6 more. This information was relayed to Tyler, and our promised payment of 10,000 gold was delivered to us. A good time was had by all…before Tyler had a strange mission for the party.

Tyler had a special proposition for the party: compete in a series of tournaments held in Ghoere for national pride and glory…and spy on the scuttlebutt. Apparently, war is being fanned by some nefarious parties, and the nations of Anuire were agitating towards a war. We were dispatched to gather intel…and win tournaments for our own pride and pocket. One the way, we strolled into a town, and in our quest for information, picked up Steve the Squire, a rather terrible bard we found in a tavern, started a bar fight, stole some cheap liquor, and Mongo broke up a alley fight by killing both combatants…with his fist.

There were 4 events. The Joust, which Mongo managed to barely win. An Arcane Tournament that Nero seemingly won. A Test of Faith, which Odysseus seemed to have won. And a Grand Melee, which ended excessively strange. Abyssal chanting brought forth a horde of easily dispatched flaming skeletons, one of the contestants utterly massacred a score of them single handedly – which brought forth some questions – and a blood trail lead to a local crypt.

Session 6

The chase from the tournament ended with a trapped crypt, a fight with ghouls and a mummy, and chasing the sapphron devil through caves before he used abyssal tongues and a powerful blood ability of Azrai. The rogue and fighter were both diseased but it was quickly cured.

The next day the party went carousing, looking for information on the warmongers and looking to replace the party’s herald. During the the awards ceremony a massive storm came in that caused panic. It was later proven to be illusionary but the party tool the opportunity to loot before leaving…and recruiting the young page as a new herald. Who Mongo promptly used as a battering ram to get into a high end shop, where a particular treasure was found.

The sword mage then appeared to claim part of the treasure while the party divided the loot. Mongo acquired a sentient sword housing the spirit of a slain paladin. Nero obtained a scarab and Odysseus a magical trident. The party split the gold for 2000 a piece.

Tyler showed his side of the green knight story and gave promise of a new job on diemed on a weeks time

Session 7

Along with a new recruit, the party left for Aerile in Diemed, staying ahead of a moving shipment of medicine for a non-lethal but virulent plague. A brief stopover in the City of Anuire led to an altercation with some…draconic creatures…on the way to the docs.

Upon arrival in Diemed, we quickly learned that nothing is what it seemed. The nobles were very…noble-centric. The commoners were very much agitated…and the medicine was fake. A rogue ship’s first mate switched out the medicine for rocks and poison. The Saffron Devil either was there or had a wizard underling, as the party faced off with a swarm of a wererat, archers, a wizard, and a corpulent filth ridden “mastermind” intent on spreading misery in Diemed.

After thwarting the attempt, the party left back for Tuornen to have a long discussion with Tyler.


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