Nero Of Taeghas

Male Anuirean Wizard (Evoker) Level 2


Str 12 Dex 14 Con 15 Int 20 Wis 15 Cha 13

Alignment – Chaotic Neutral

Bloodline – Anduirias 47

Blood Abilities – Healing (Minor), Courage (Minor), Resistance (Major), Enhanced Sense (Major), Protection from Evil (Great), Divine Wrath (Great)

Languages – Anuirean, Brechtur, Rjurik, Sidhelien, Vos, Khinasi, Goblin, Old Anuirean

AC – 12 Fort – 2 Reflex – 2 Will – 6

Feats – Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus: Evocation, Greater Spell Focus: Evocation

Traits – Focused Mind

Appraise – 9, Craft – 9, Knowledge: Arcana – 10, Knowledge: Dungeoneering – 9, Knowledge: Engineering – 9, Knowledge: Geography – 9, Knowledge: History – 9, Knowledge: Local – 9, Knowledge: Nature – 9, Knowledge: Nobility – 11, Knowledge: Planes – 9, Knowledge: Religion – 10, Linguistics – 10, Spellcraft – 10

Equipment – Staff, Dagger, Robes, Spellbook, Adventuring Gear


0 – all except Illusion and Enchantment

1 – Magic Missile (E), Mage Armor©, Comprehend Languages (D), Ray of Enfeeblement (N), Magic Weapon (T), Endure Elements (A), Mount©, Identify (D), Floating Disk (E), Erase (T)


Alecto was born in the City of Anuire but raised in Taeghas’s capital city of Stormpoint. Naturally gifted with linguistics and a keen mind, Alecto frequently attempted to acquire employment with the royal court, but was denied, as his at-times wild temperment was deemed “unsuitable”. After his parents died when he was 14, Alecto inherited their out of the way inn in Stormpoint, running it as best he could.

Alecto’s first brush with the arcane was when an old bard stayed in the inn when he was working as the barkeep. The man entertained the customers with songs and parlor tricks, but seemed to be watching the door intently, flinching whenever it was opened. Late that evening, while locking the doors for the evening, Alecto heard a commotion upstairs. Upon investigating, he saw the old bard bleeding in the corner, with a masked man dead by the window.

The old bard made a deal with Alecto: dispose of the body discretely and arrange passage out of the city, and in exchange the old bard would give him a copy of a spellbook he acquired long ago from an old, dead traveling companion, and he would take Alecto with him out of Stormpoint and exploring the world. The evening, Alecto burned his inn to the ground, staging the death of the assassin, the old Bard, and himself in the inferno.

For the next 5 years, Alecto, now calling himself Nero, traveled with the old Bard, never learning the mans name. They passed throughout Anuire, always careful to avoid Avanil. Nero was frequently struck by how much of his family the old Bard new about, and how nonplussed the old Bard was when Nero’s blood abilities began manifesting. It was a few months ago, when Nero’s life of adventuring would truly begin.

While at an inn in Endier, a messenger arrived for the old Bard, bearing a letter with a seal Nero surmised was that of the royal court of Tuornen and addressed to a “Bartholomew”. After a meeting that lasted for hours, the old Bard approached Nero, and informed him that their time together was, for the moment, coming to an end. And old aquaintance was cashing in a favor, but the old Bard, in the twilight of his years, was unable to fulfill. Thus, it was up to his apprentice to fulfill his old promise. The Bard informed Nero that, at week’s end, he would have to travel to Haes and answer the call of a man named Tyler Null; however, the old Bard voiced suspicion at Tyler’s all-too-simple request…and assured Nero that “Bartholomew” was no more his real name than “Nero” was to his apprentice. Never the less, he sent Nero on his way to Haes at the end of the week, with a promise to return to the Rolling Thunder inn in the City of Anuire when his mission was done…and the old Bard would tell him, truthfully, just who his parents were and where they really came from.

And thus, the journey began…

Nero Of Taeghas

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